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Scrapbook, final page!

Below please meet Mathew, aka: snickerdoodle. God saw fit to give me a natural child, so here is is, the brat, the baby, and the love of of my life! Don't worry son, in another ten years I will forget all about the labor pain! And, below see us all, the whole half of a football team. As you can see, their Father is all grey now, wonder why? All kidding aside, there is no other team I would rather be on. I love you all. Each and every day, I thank the Lord for your wisdom, strength, and making me a gracious part of your lives. In all honesty, I also thanked him for the smaller grocery bill since ya have all moved out! Love Kathy!

A special note...

This is my daughter-in-law, Charlynn. She and Mark were married up until recently, now divorced. Charlyn has a very special place in my heart. She is cunning creature, and we have alot of laughs about her practical joking every day. Somehow, this scrapbook would not be complete without her. Thank you Charlynn, for all the wonderful years of happiness, and I pray that our closeness will always be. Now, if ya put away that rubber snake, I will leave your photograph up here...hahahaha!

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