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This may take awhile to load! GRAPHICS ARE INTENSE! This is a small preview of the kinds of ascii art I draw and color! Most of these are alil native, go figure! Special thanks to Sennaxtor, of #Colorexpress & Patches of #Mirc_Rainbow, on Undernet and Dalnet, for helping convert these into jpg's. Check the list of links below to see the sites and pages of some of my favorite channels and friends! Again, MIRC is my cyberworld of color and fun. In fact, it's the most fun ya can have with your clothes on! If ya don't have MIRC, download it, and have a blast, see ya there! Love, redmoon (aka: moonie) (^:^)

My Favorite MIRC places and friends!

#Mirc_Rainbow: A rainbow of colors, and great help! I call it home now!
#Rainbow_Wavs: A rainbow of sounds, and ^rebel is da woman! And my bestest friend!
#Tx_World: Txworld, where Keeper` and friends put up with me!
#Mirc_Rainbow: A rainbow of colors, and on Efnet too!
#Mirc_Wavsurfer: Dosbos is back! The best sounds and folkes around!
#ColorExpress: By two wonderful friends, Sennaxtor and Puriel, who loves ya baby???
#Mirc_Wavs'N'Txt: My very first home on Dalnet, and now a new home on Undernet!
#MIRC-Popups: The nicest lil popups channel on Dalnet, with wonderful help as well as wonderful personalities!
#mirc_poppers: Colorman has a library of mrc's here, and whadda sweetie!
#Mirc_Txt4Play: Great personalities like gigi8, doslass, pualei, GaryB, and biotrash!
MikeCHat and TooShy Productions: These two are staight from the heart!
#wavr: Best lil sounds on Dalnet!
#mirc-colors: Nicest bunch of folkes ya ever wanna meet, thanks studLLy for making me feel at home.
Trisha's Paintings!: Trisha is a wonderful girlfriend, and nun #1!
Chris & Becky's Place!: Chris and Becky are my two bestest friends!
Pamela Rose: A new friend from rainbow! Such a peach!
Bill^5!: A sweetheart of a man, one of my favorite toys, and friends! This man can help ya with anything !
JD's site!: JD has a great page full of downloads and fun! A very special man, and special friend!
Sunni's site!: A truley wonderful lady who lites up the room!
elp's site!: A sweetheart of rainbow, and so is his other half, Misbehavin!
Icy!: Icemaid, a lovely lady, with a heart of gold!
Lunatus' page!: A kind heart, gentle soul, and another moon lover!
HAZEL's page!: HAZEL is as much fun as ya can handle, and a dear freind!
Darknite's Page!: My brazilian master of illusion! And the best handholder!
rebel^'s page!: A very sweet lady, I am proud to call a great friend!
Handeman's wonderful site!: The dearest friend a girl could ever have!
Mad-biker's homepage!: My dear friend, and favorite smutt-buddy!
DJ, a dalnet sweetie!: We go back along time, and have "smiled" the whloe way!
Aries1, a dalnet sweetie!: My dear friend, Aries, we go back alotta years!
Kelly_K's pages!: My dear friend Kelly_K, a great friend!
Dane34 My coloring buddy, I learned alot from this one!
MoonLiteKnight's Page: My Knight in shining armor!
Eagle's Aerie: A devoted native brother Wareagle!
Pink_Unicorn's magical place!: My pink syssie! I love ya, sys! Think Pink!
NightWing and SweetTater: Two very great friends!
Shrpassion's Tiger Page!: Such a sweet lady!
Cute1's page!: Such a nice lady!
Pj911's page!: This one taught me alot, and I wouldn't mind him pullin me over!
MIRC download page!: Get the latest version, and have a blast!
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