"Random Acts of Kindness, 1999"

Aren't we all Sisters

redmoon is a Net Sister.
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Aren't we all Net Sisters?

Redmoon's Webrings & Things!

I am not big on awards, beliefs or opinions. Ya see, they are sorta like habits, everybody has one. Some are good, some are just plain silly, and others, well... I have joined these webrings because they promote good. Heaven knows, after ya catch an espisode of the evening news, ya can use all the good ya can get. I would like to believe, that we as human beings, for the most part, are basically good. I figure about 85% of us get up, go to work, obey the traffic laws, and help our neighbors the majority of the time. It's the other 15% of us that we keep hearing about. So, I figure I am promoting alittle good will here. If ya don't care for it, skip this page. If ya could use some goodwill, then enjoy the links. Thanks, moonie

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