My Favorites!

My children!
Watch out, they are really ugly! hahaha!
Roses for Richard!
Thank you Richard!
Fun ascii art and MIRC stuff!
This is my favorite past time!
My rainbow friends.
Some of my favorite people in the world!
Nursing, it's what I do!
A tribute to my profession!
My Friend, Monte!
A dear friend, whom puts up with me, despite myself!
The greatest group of friends!
More to come here, lol.
Art by Nancy
My best friend is an artist, have a look!
Bob's Mexico Page
The man knows how to have "fun in the sun!"
One of my favorite Native American Website!
Thousands of kewl links!
My Moon Page
Check it out!
A Tribute to Native Americans
Enjoy this!
Award and Webrings!
Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble...hahaha!
See if you can help?
Somebody misses these kids.
My guestbook!
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     Welcome to my little galaxy.  My name is Kathy, 
and to most, redmoon, and to friends, moonie.  I am a 
southern girl, and live in San Antonio, Texas.  Life is 
good here.  
     I am a registered nurse, by profession, and love the 
work I have done.  Nursing is the hardest and easiest 
thing I have ever done, but wouldn't trade it for the world.
Check out my tribute to nursing link.
      I am native american & cajun.  Whadda combination, 
huh?  I take alot of pride in my cherokee roots, and 
believe strongly in the fellowship of nations and tribes.  
I hope ya enjoy some of my favorite native american graphics, 
and links.
     I am a simple creature, and believe in simple things 
like dignity, respect and friendships.  I think that 
kindergarden had alot to teach us, and we should all 
share cookies, clean up our messes, and hold hands.  
I believe sharing is the most important lesson we can 
all learn.  Remember, only kindness matters, on or off line!
    I enjoy an number of things, which you will find in my 
links.  Most are obvious, my kids, ascii art, and mirc, nursing, 
and my friends.
     I must give credit where credit is due.  Some of the 
graphics on this page were made by wonderful friends.  Osiyrus
for the beautiful graphic at the top of this page, and Enigma
(Dean), for the lovely topic. EggFooYng (Mat), rebel (Becky), and 
cupicake (Lynn), have also been contributors to my graphics 
at one time or another.  A very special thanks to 
http://www.sam for some of the beautiful 
featherbars here.  Thank you all for your generous gifts.
     Please feel free to email me at for 
any questions, suggestions or comments.  Oh, and dont forget to 
sign my guestbook, will ya? It is somewhere on here, LOL! (^:^) 
Love, redmoon (aka:  moonie)