What a night to remember...
Kathy and friends had arrived in style...
Was the gossip that hot, Kathy, Linda and Vicki?
Janie, Kathy, and Brian, so much to catch up on!
Cheri collected the prizes, and amused John.
And the girlfriends, Linda and Bernadette!
So let the dancin begin, Sue and Vicki!
The shots were flowing and Monte and Kathleen was going!
Ooooooooooooh, sing to me, Karla, baby!
Oooooooooooooh, is Vicki touching me????????!
Brian and Kathleen are feeling the love!
Is Brian gettin jiggy with Maria??
Years of memories, the giggle sisters, Kathleen and Kathy!
Too many women and not enough time for John!
Monte and Sue take a moment to ponder the lapdance!
We just wanna know, what was that on your pants, Brian?

Ya know, most people don't experience the friendships we have had over the years. Most people aren't as lucky as I am. I had the best! I will never have it again. But what I had I shall treasure forever. You guys are still the best. I will miss ya Kathy, and we all wish you the very best in life. With love and respect, to all my great friends over the years, Kathleen
P.S. If yall think I aint adding to this, think again! I got more blackmail to come! Hahahahahahahahaha!
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