To Richard With Love

To Richard With Love,

When I started this website, I wasn't sure about where to start, or where to end. I knew that you, Richard, must be somewhere inbetween. I knew that many years ago, as children, we had a bond stronger than cousinhood, or even siblings. I knew you would become a special part of my life. I always have known how special a man you are. I know my heart is blessed to have known such a love as yours. I cannot begin to express the kindness, love and understanding you have shown to me, when all others were not as accepting. I appreciate the drum you march to, the dance you dance, and the song you sing. I hear the same drum, dance the same dance, and sing the same song. Ya see, Richard, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. As children we both knew it. Maybe it's a "kindred spirit" kind of thing, but we still know the same love and admiration we had for each other as children grows stronger, now that we are middle-aged. (Speak for myself, huh?) Richard, thank you for being my cousin, even though your more like a brother. Your all I have left. Please know that you have graced my life and my heart just by knowing you. I love you more witheach passing day. I hope we grow old and senile together, and sit on the front porch in our wheelchairs remembering what fun we had when we were young. Take the rose, Richard, it's for you. Just alittle thank you for all the great times, the drums, dances and the songs we have shared throughout the years. It's a perfect rose, kinda like you are to me, Richard. Always know, I love ya. With all my heart, (^:^) Kathy

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