Welcome to #Mirc_Rainbow's Wall of Shame Game!

Howdy! This page may take a long time to load due to the graphics, so please be patient, it's well worth the wait. Below are photographs of some of the ops and regulars in #Mirc_Rainbow, on Undernet. It's what I fondly refer to as the "Wall of Shame." Actually, I dunno why I call it that. There is no shame in being in Rainbow, it's too much fun! This is just my way to give back alittle fun everyone has given me over the past years. Yes, I am going on 2 years now, and 3 pages! Try to guess the op or regular of the photos below and email me with your answers. Pay close attention to the clues beneath the photos. If you would like to add your photo to the Wall of Shame page, please send it to me in the channel or email to me. Have fun! (^:^) redmoon
Bought to you by #Mirc_Rainbow & redmoon! (who else?)

This ain't no ordinary nannie!
This one is some "hotdog!"
She zigged, then zagged, then went "hardleft."
This one is down under! (I don't know under what?)
Watch the frying pan, it might be dented!
She is not a prude!
She is just full of joy!
The face that only a carman could love! (and me too)
This one does nothing but share.
A little spoiled, but ya gotta love her!
This one belongs to #1, and can tell a great joke!
She make me thirsty!!!
What a dolly this one is!
This man can rock, what were those 3 guys names anyway?
He is just tender loving care!
She leaves the room smelling so sweet!
Always wears a silly hat!
She is smarter than the average blonde, and sweeter too!
This one is quiet, gee, wonder why?
This little lady is as beautiful as her heart!
He is soooo huggable!!!
Big on chinese food, and heart!
This one is too much fun, because she didn't do it!
He plays possum alot, cuz he is magical!
He belongs to #87, but is not "spacey!"
She is as sweet as cake! Or any dessert!
She can nurse ya back to health!
He is so smooth, he never makes wavs!
The sweetie of 39 of us up here!
She is a brand new op, whose nick ends in W, but her giggles don't!
This one is a "keeper." My bestest friend!
Sometimes life slaps ya in the face, and then in the heart.
He is so sweet, but I wonder if his butt is really on fire?
He is par for the course, and a hole in one!
Gotta give this man the high five! (and huggs for the ladies)
These two are my favorite kiwi couple!!!
Da train and da brain!!!
Does anybody ever feed him? grrrrrr!
The sweetest thing south of the mason-dixon line!
His bark is as sweet as his bite, hehehe.
His name is small, but his heart is huge, all zipped up!
She is so hot, but never flashes!
A sweetie with a heart as long as her_____!
She smiles like the wind!
Such a doll, and never sticks to anything, cept _M_! LOL!
So soft and warm, purrrr & meow.
He makes such bootiful sounds, and is my pal.
Let's make a deal, I know this one outside of cyberville.
Another half of a duo, where are my pj's?