Welcome to #Mirc_Rainbow's Wall of Shame Game!

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He makes us giggle, and we refer to him as a mister!
Just look under this ones kilt to find rare miniature birds :P~~~
Ah, my darlin wizzard of sorts! He does everything big!
A sweet alabama lady! She is a nurse too!
Another half of a team, that never behaves!
Varrroooooommmmmm! Honk! Honk! Can I have a ride, sweetie?
A fun loving "father figure," whom we all love!
I betcha he has a smooth bedside manner!
He is everybody's favorite youngest aussie!
This one likes to raise alil kane!
A little bit more than a prince!
A breath of sea air! And this one can be found on efnet rainbow too!
She likes to mystify, especially late at night!
The wedding of the year here! (And I was a bridesmaid, hehehe!)
This one is really "techy," with stars in his eyes.
Giggles, giggles, and giggles, whadda sweetie!

Don't let this one "zoom" past ya, hehehe!
He is just a vamp! Bite me baby! Hahahahah!
Whoa, here comes trouble, and love that shirt!
He can ring my bells anytime.
She is always smilin atcha!
My Brazilian master of illusion!
This one really "shows" electricity!
My favorite little sister! And boy can she draw!
We have two of these now, but this one has 2 tt's!
A little ray of cajun sunshine, complete with handcuffs!
This one is grade A choice, melt in your mouth, rainbow approved!
This one can really sparkle, and loves her shw!
What a dear man, but don't ever play chess with him!!!
Another relative, but ain't she cute like her Aunt?
This one will enigmatize ya, he is soooooo cute!
His thoughts and poetry are as beautiful as he is!
She is so silky, and red to boot!
A new op, don't get him on a stick!
He is alil shocking, but a true sweetheart.
My cherokee sister, who can light any fire!
He never makes wavs, only music!!!
She may be little, but she is all LdY!