Welcome to #Mirc_Rainbow's Wall of Shame Game!

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This one is no "thorn" in your side. Such a cutie!
Another Aussie sweetie, and i don't steal his undies!
Like the notes on a piano, she is sweet as she can be!
This one is often quiet, but watch out for his shabang!
This new op greets everyone tenderly!
She is too pretty to be a bear, so she must be an angel!
So smooth, nothing about this guy is ele "tronic."
Always passionate, hehehe.
He has stars in his eyes, and she "widgets" for him!
Whadda cutie, always "RUBS" me the right way!
This sweet one wasn't fuzzy, was he?
The "sunniest" personality on the channel!
This one leaves "mist" in tlc's eyes.
The sweetest "onion" in the rainbow garden!
This sweet lady is a new Op, and never "sassy"!
As sweet as can be, and two names for one!
This initialed man is the sweetest!!!
Everybody "likes" this man!
A "hard" body that turned to the left to #3!
The "lite" of the channel.
The sweetest lady, who can "spellbound" ya!
Last but not least, "X" is his name.
C-service is his game. And yall wondered
what he looked like, hahahahahhahaha!
It really doesn't matter what we look like or where we come from.
It's whats in our hearts that matters.
And these are some of the kindest hearts I have ever known.
I am privledged to have called the above folkes my friends.
Thank you all for almost 2 wonderful years!
Now, bet your wondering where my pic is?
How bout a lil smaooch? Hahahahahaha! Gotcha!
With love, (^:^) redmoon (aka: moonie)